Green BIM: A Great Match


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Peter Belisle, President
Energy and Sustainability Services

If any trend is revolutionizing the construction and project management industry as much as the green building movement, it would have to be Building Information Modeling. BIM uses dynamic software to create three-dimensional models for more efficient design, construction and operation of buildings. Among other benefits, BIM shows spatial relationships of building infrastructure elements much better than with two-dimensional blueprints. As a developer and President of our firm’s Project and Development Services in the Americas for several years, I have seen BIM applied to more and more projects with great success.

Now, a new report from McGraw-Hill makes the connection between BIM and green buildings. The report notes that 78 percent of BIM users not currently using it for green projects expect to do so within three years. “Because of the way BIM facilitates green design, construction and sustainable outcomes, the growth of green building as an accepted, widespread practice is helping to accelerate BIM adoption,” the authors say in the introduction. Moreover, Green BIM adopters tend to use the tools more fully than non-green practitioners.

Since I’m a big fan of both BIM and sustainability in buildings, it’s great to see how these two key trends are coming together.

Click here to learn more about Green BIM.

2 Responses to “Green BIM: A Great Match”

  1. Says:

    As a corporate facility manager in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have been utilizing “green interiors” for several years. Currently I am looking for a position that helps corporations integrate “green practices”. JLJ’s sustainability division has an impressive corporate service program and I would like to get more information. Would you mind giving me a contact person that could answer my questions?
    Thanking you in advance,
    Susan Travis, LEED Ap



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