Lighting represents 40% of building electricity


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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability

It’s no wonder that a lot of owners are now looking at lighting retrofits as a way to improve their energy efficiency, boost their ENERGY STAR scores and help achieve for LEED certification. A comprehensive lighting initiative is likely to net at least a couple of LEED points right off the bat, since every two ENERGY STAR points translate into an additional LEED point.

The following lighting initiatives might affect the LEED criteria:

  • Controlling employee task lighting is worth a point.
  • Reducing mercury in lamps is worth up to two points depending on the level of mercury reduction. LED lights do not have any mercury.
  • Enabling daylight and opening space layouts  is worth up to two points and can also reduce energy from lighting.
  • Reducing light pollution and shielding outdoor lamps so that all the light is aimed at the ground or building rather than intruding onto neighboring property and the night sky is worth a point.
  • Controlling automated systems such as HVAC and lighting and other main operational elements is worth a point.

Even in cases where LEED certification is not a near-term goal, it’s good to know that best practices in lighting may be worth LEED points as well.


One Response to “Lighting represents 40% of building electricity”

  1. Wayne Proulx Says:

    I am somewhat surprise at the 40% of a buildings electricity is lighting comment. Where did you get your facts from? What type of real estate is this stat from?
    I totally agree tenants and landlords need to, and have been focusing on lighting and effective, finite controls of lighting, but the 40% estimate i think is a little steep.


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