5 Ways to Simplify LEED Recertification


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Helee Hillman
United States
Energy and Sustainability Services

Gaining LEED certification isn’t the end of the story. Property managers should always be preparing for eventual recertification. Here are five tips to making recertification easier

1. Be Involved!  Managers should participate in writing EB O&M policies rather than relying solely on consultants with no long-term responsibility for compliance. Managers should be involved in vendor contracts, staff training and tenant construction projects to ensure compliance

2. Be Organized!  Update records quarterly, using a sustainability maintenance checklist. Clarify who is accountable to making scheduled maintenance, and follow a plan for communicating relevant information to owners and tenants of multi-tenant properties, and to senior management and employees in corporate facilities.

3. Be Ethical!  Tenants and employees in a LEED certified building have a right to expect the property manager to make good on the promise of sustainability that certification implies. Managers should monitor vendors to hold them accountable for green products and practices. Building controlled purchases should follow sustainable procurement policies, and tenants should be provided with information on cost-neutral options for green products to replace non-green products.

4. Do Your Homework!  Managers who are currently managing buildings which were originally certified under LEED NC or CS standards should become familiar with the most current LEED EB rating system so they are prepared and well-positioned for a recertification when the time comes.

5. Quantify! Track utility bills and records; make note of any savings.  USGBC will ask for this information at some point, and it’s easier to maintain records than to dig them up later.  More important, owners and managers will be more motivated to follow green practices when they can see the cost savings and other benefits resulting from their investment of time and money.

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