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Dan Probst - Jones Lang LaSalle

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Dan Probst
Global Lead
United States
Energy and Sustainability Services

I’m still absorbing all the interesting things I learned at Greenbuild, but if there was one big idea that jumped out, it was the focus on practical solutions.

For example, in his witty and inspiring speech, Al Gore barely touched on the horrors of climate change, focusing instead on practical arguments for energy and sustainability: the creation of millions of American jobs and the ability to control our own energy future instead of waiting for another OPEC price hike to cause the next economic crisis. It’s a reality that many Americas are unconvinced of the threat of global warming, but no one can deny the need to create jobs, improve efficiency and enhance energy security over the long-term.

This year at Greenbuild, more corporate real estate executives and institutional investors turned out than ever before. Owners are not merely star-gazers. The fact that many are taking the time to learn green strategies signals that  sustainability is really taking hold–not as a trend–but as a business imperative.

2 Responses to “Greenbuild:it’s all about practical”

  1. Rob Elliott Says:


    Good seeing you last week in Phoenx, and congratulations on the award!

    Do you have resources in the SW we could tap into, when the need arises, for sustainability relates issues we face?


  2. Jones Lang LaSalle Says:


    Great to see you too and thanks for the congrats. Yes, we have resources in the SW. I am traveling back from the U.K. but will be in touch soon.


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